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Property Line Disputes

If you are a homeowner seeking the resolution to your property line dispute, look no further than Teunisen Surveying & Planning. Teunisen Property Surveying has been providing expert counsel and assisting hundreds of New Jersey and Pennsylvania property owners to resolve their property boundary issues equitably for over 40 years. Teunisen also resolves construction disputes.

How Do I Solve My Property Line Dispute?

Hiring a quality property surveyor is critical not only to resolving property boundary line disputes, but also to preventing them in the first place. A property line dispute may arise from erecting a fence without the benefit of having a Teunisen surveyor setting the corners of the property, from trimming shrubs or cutting grass over the property line, to encroaching on the adjacent driveway in instances where individual driveways adjoin. Dumping of debris, erecting sheds, and even encroaching window air conditioning units are also all situations within which Teunisen has settled disputes. Teunisen surveyors are experienced in all phases of surveying, making us ideal surveyors to resolve your property line dispute.

Why Hire a Teunisen Property Surveyor?

Case Study: Teunisen's Resolution to Property Line Dispute

Boundary Dispute

A client believed his neighbor's driveway was encroaching on his property and contacted Teunisen for an expert property boundary consultation. By conducting research and completing a field survey, Teunisen determined that the driveway was encroaching by fifteen to twenty feet. This encroachment prevented the adjoiner from accessing his garage without passing over the client's property.

Teunisen determined that when the house was built, the property surveyor assumed iron bars in the roadway on the side street, was the center line of the right-of-way. But, these iron bars were actually offset several feet from the true center line. This made the property line set at a very acute angle, making the house only two feet from the property line instead of ten feet.

Teunisen suggested a Boundary Line Agreement or an access easement. Our client preferred the adjoiner purchase an access easement. Thanks to Teunisen's objective property survey report and survey map, our client was able to reconcile this property line dispute with his neighbor.

Boundary Dispute Survey
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Protect Your Assets

Land is a valuable asset, and it is important to know how to protect your land in the case of a property line dispute.

Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Your Neighbors

Property line disputes often result from changes in land ownership or from property improvements. If you are looking to build a new fence, make an addition to your home, or pave your driveway, hiring a property surveyor will define your property lines to ensure your new construction is legal. Avoid messy legal battles with your neighbors by allowing Teunisen's objective property surveyor to determine your property boundaries.

How Teunisen Works

Teunisen's professional surveyors will conduct research of the land parcels in question at the County Hall of Records. Field work will then be performed, analysis of data will be collected, and a search for the original corners will be conducted. Finally, a map will be drafted along with a Property Survey Report.

Property Survey

The Survey Report is well-researched, as it details the documents obtained at the County Hall of Records, the field procedures used, and a reasoning for the final opinion of the location of the boundary lines. The Survey Map depicts all visible improvements on the property in question and overlapping approximately ten feet onto the adjoining property.

This clear and tested method gives customers an objective and informative report on the property boundaries in question.

Teunisen will then compare the deed to the physical evidence. If the property surveyor finds any technical errors or discontinuities in your property deed, we will present options for getting these issues resolved. Teunisen will help you file a boundary line agreement with an attorney based on our surveyor's map, report and description. In the event a boundary line agreement is not agreed upon, you will need to file a suit and have the judge or court decide the true line based on testimony and surveying results.

Construction Disputes: Time Tested Accuracy

To say there is a lot a stake on a construction sites is an understatement, and the cost of a survey is miniscule when compared to the costs associated with errors. With over 40 year's field experience, Teunisen combines its time tested techniques with the latest technologies to produce high quality and accurate surveys. Below are just a sample of the disputes we typically resolve:

Get a Professional Boundary Survey

If you need a property survey to settle a dispute or you just want to find your property lines and set the record straight to avoid future disagreements down the road, give the experienced, responsive, professional property surveyors at Teunisen Surveying at 908-233-3550 or email us and put our 40 years of experience to work on boundary line issues.