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ALTA / NSPS (formerly ALTA / ACSM) Land Title Survey

Need an ALTA/NSPS (formerly known as ALTA/ACSM) Land Title Survey? Call NJ's, NY's, PA's and the United States' trusted ALTA/NSPS surveyor Teunisen Surveying at 908-233-3550 to receive a comprehensive, detailed land title survey prepared to the national standards of the American Land Title Association, (ALTA) and National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) formerly American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM).

The Teunisen process adheres to the ALTA/NSPS surveying standards to provide New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania landowners and land-purchasers with the best title commitment and property title surveys.

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ALTA Land Survey
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What is a ALTA/NSPS survey?

There are two types of land surveys: a basic boundary survey and an ALTA/NSPS. ALTA/NSPS surveys are boundary surveys prepared to meet the minimum surveying standards adopted by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS).

National Surveying Standards

ALTA/NSPS standards are national standards, held to strict accuracy. There is little room for error and many of details are included, which is why it is the common standard for real-estate transactions.

Typically, a ALTA/NSPS land survey is required for large commercial properties. The ALTA Survey depicts all visible improvements, right-of way, easements, parking, flood zone and zoning. The survey is the document for the lender and title company. These companies use the survey in their lending and insuring determinations.

Why Teunisen?

Time Tested Quality Process

Teunisen's time-tested method of ALTA/NSPS land surveying adheres to the stringent national standards and includes more details than a basic Boundary Survey. 40 years of experience and Teunisen's high quality surveying processes provide Teunisen clients with comprehensive, detailed results which follow the strict standards of ALTA/NSPS.

Teunisen's Dedicated to Detail

Teunisen's ALTA/NSPS surveys include information on the following:

All of these details on the ALTA/NSPS survey checklist can affect a purchaser's intended use of property or one's access to property. Hiring Teunisen Surveying & Planning to meet the ALTA survey requirements will help to ensure that the client understands the pros and cons of the property. For example, a discovered easement may hinder the expansion of a building.

Our Work Is Everywhere

With the completion of hundreds of high profile and successful ALTA land title survey projects, Teunisen Surveying has built a reputation for getting it right, on-time, and on budget. If you have visited the NJ, NY and PA areas, you have probably seen our work. Below are just a few of our satisfied clients:

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Whether you are looking for a basic land survey or ALTA survey, give the experienced, responsive, professional ATLA surveyors at Teunisen Surveying a call to schedule your NSPS-certified (formerly ACSM-certified) boundary survey. You can call us at 908-233-3550 or email us and put our 40 years of experience to work on your survey.