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Pictured: Construction Survey Project for Bridge Abutment and Excavation, Netcong, NJ
Serving the Unites States

History of Teunisen Survey and Planning

Edward R. Teunisen previously was employed by small surveying firms, less than five people. Unlike a large firm, where the experience is not well rounded, working for small surveying firms gave him the opportunity to work closely with experienced Surveyors learning all phases of land surveying, research, field, calculations, analysis and drafting. Working closely with Grant Lennox, P.E. & L.S., was a very important part of his experience. In addition to a formal education, learning property line surveying from Mr. Lennox was a very important part of his career. In 1986, this firm acquired the records of Grant Lennox and Mr. Lennox's father, Arthur H. Lennox.

New Jersey and Beyond

While employed by another surveyor in 1973, that concentrated on heavy construction, Edward R. Teunisen began obtaining experience on heavy construction projects under the direction of a well experienced party chief and a bridge superintendent that had a background in surveying for heavy construction projects. The largest project being the expansion and widening of Exit 9 on the NJ Turnpike. The project consisted of five new bridges, new ramps and roadway. Other projects during this time was Route 676 in Pennsylvania, Deptford Mall, Hope Creek Nuclear Power Station, Journal Square Bus Subway Terminal in Jersey City and Great Adventure.

Edward R. Teunisen received his Professional Land Surveyors license in 1976. Upon being licensed, he established a sole proprietor practice. A few of the first projects was providing Construction Layout for 35 miles of resurfacing on the New Jersey Turnpike for Trap Rock Industries, a few one and two span bridge projects and a tunnel under the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Prior to becoming a professional land surveyor, Edward enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. for four years. During the Viet Nam War, for 32 months, (first tour 19 months, second tour 13 months), he performed as a Combat Engineer with the First Engineer Battalion, First Marine Division, in various missions from Chu Lai to the Laos Border to the DMZ. Upon discharge, he started his formal education during the day while working nights.

A New Beginning

During the 1980s as the economy recovered, the sole proprietor decided it was time for a fresh start and the firm of Teunisen Surveying & Planning Co., Inc., was formed in 1986. The firm grew to twenty-five people with six survey crews.

Serving the Entire US

Unlike many surveying companies, we do not limit ourselves to a small geographical area. We go where the work is and this philosophy has served us well.

Combining Time Test Surveying Techniques + Modern Technology

We have stayed current or ahead with technology. This firm was the first in New Jersey to acquire a Cyra Scanner, before Cyra was purchased by Leica. Before the scanner we provided Close Range Photogrammetry. This equipment is used to provide As-Built Drawings of structures, piping, bridges and also interior As-Built Auto-Cadd Drawings. This firm was one of the first to implement Robotic Surveying Instruments for their projects.

Cost Effective Processes

Teunisen Surveying & Planning has exceeded in staying current with new technology, which in turn benefits their client's with cost effective accurate data. From monitoring movement of structures, either conventionally or instruments controlled electronically, to make measurements at any desired interval, As-Built Surveys of sites, interior and exterior building plans utilizing 3D Scanning, ALTA/NSPS (formerly ALTA/ACSM) Land Title Surveys and Property Line Disputes.

To learn more about our services or to receive a free consultation with one of our surveying experts, give us call at 908-233-3550 or email us and put our 40 years of experience to work on your project.