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Flood Elevation Certificate

Do you need a Flood Elevation Certificate? If yes, then look no further than Teunisen Surveying and Planning, as we been providing New Jersey and Pennsylvania business and homeowners flood certificates for over 40 years.

Not only is our flood elevation certification service responsive, accurate, and affordable, but each flood elevation certificate is prepared and certified by a Teunisen Licensed Professional Land Surveyor who is trained to calculate and document your property's flood elevation. The Teunisen land surveyor will also provide your insurance agent with a signed certificate, so you are able to obtain an accurate flood insurance policy for your home or business.

What is a Flood Elevation Certificate?

A Flood Elevation Certificate is a document developed by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) that records your property's compliance with the town's floodplain management ordinance. It is used by insurance companies to rate premiums for flood insurance. If your property is in a floodplain, you most likely need an Elevation Certificate to obtain flood insurance. Our elevation surveyors are experts at verifying the elevation data of a structure on a given property relative to the ground level. Teunisen provides the following types of certificates:

For more information on FEMA's requirements, please visit the FEMA website.

Experience Counts

Having prepared hundreds of flood evaluation certificates in NJ and PA, Teunisen has the experience not only to calculate your property's elevation, but also to quickly file all paperwork and deal with any arising issues pertinent to your property's elevation certificate.

What if our Home Has Been Mistakenly Been Placed in a Flood Zone?

Can Teunisen help? Yes, if your property has been inadvertently mapped into a flood plain, but it's actually above the flood plain elevation, we provide the field and office work to apply for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA). LOMA is the process used to accurately assess your elevation and correct its inclusion in the floodplain. Depending on the results of the Elevation Certificate, the LOMA application may take the structure (or part of the structure) out of the flood zone. If the structure is removed from the flood zone, flood insurance is no longer required.

The LOMA Submission Process

After the elevation certificate is complete, our elevation surveyor will analyze the elevation results. If the results show FEMA would likely approve the flood zone reclassification, we will recommend applying to FEMA to have the structure (partial or all) of the parcel removed from the flood zone. We will them perform a topographical survey and draft a map depicting the contours and spot elevations of the property. Using the topographical survey, the spot elevations and FEMA's base flood elevations, then we submit the LOMA application highlighting the remaining flood zone (if applicable). A metes and bounds description will be prepared and submitted with the course running along the limit of the Base Flood Elevation.

A Tradition of Quality

With the issuance of hundreds of flood certificates, Teunisen flood certification services has built a reputation in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for being responsive, knowledgeable and affordable. In fact, you probably know a home or business that has used our services. This list is a sampling of our satisfied clients and a testament to our services:

Contact the Professional Flood Surveyors

Whether you need a flood certification for insurance purposes or to prove you are not in a flood zone, give the experienced, responsive, professional flood certification experts at Teunisen Surveying a call at 908-233-3550 or email us and put our 40 years of experience to work on your certificate.