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Accident Reconstruction

Teunisen Surveying & Planning has over 40 years of expertise in all types of surveying, including accident surveying. After a car accident, truck accident, construction accident, domestic accident, or slip and fall, a Teunisen surveyor can arrive promptly at the scene of the accident and take measurements, detailing every item and fact within the area. After surveying and documenting the findings at the accident site, a Teunisen accident surveyor will produce detailed drawings and a mapping of the site, prepared for display in court. Whether you require an accident surveyor for a court case or an insurance case, call Teunisen Surveying & Planning for quality accident reconstruction and surveying.

The Teunisen Method of Accident Reconstruction

Mapping of Site: The scene of the accident will be mapped, and in some cases the mapping will extend one thousand feet or more before the accident location.

  1. Detail Drawings of Crash Vehicles/Accident: Every item within the area is detailed by accident surveyors (ie. utility poles, wires, potholes, road conditions). Roadway features like width and slopes, and the precise location of vehicles are detailed as well.
  2. Hydroplaining: If hydroplaining is an issue, the detailed mapping will determine if the roadway was constructed to the construction plan grade and cross slope.
  3. Advanced Technology: The crash vehicles would be mapped through 3-D laser scanning. The results would be given to a forensic engineer for analysis. All documentation and mapping will be prepared for evidence in court.
  4. Slip and Fall Mapping: For slip and fall mapping, the location of the fall will be located and the fall site mapped, including elevation differentials. All documentation and mapping will be prepared for evidence in court.

Teunisen Surveys All Types of Accidents

Single Car Accident

Teunisen Surveying & Planning has provided all kinds of accident surveys, including those for single-car accidents in which the driver placed fault on the manufacturer. Most often, the car manufacturer settles rather than goes to court. However, in those rare instances where the case goes to court, Teunisen has experience. In these cases, a detailed accident survey is performed. Depending on the situation, the accident survey map can extend two thousand feet before the crash. Elevations of the road are taken, cross sections of the road are plotted and a detail map is provided. It may be necessary to obtain the construction plans, if available, to determine if the road was built to the specified cross slopes on the plan. Teunisen combines conventional surveying procedures and 3D scanning techniques in these types of projects.

Case Study: Monroe Township, NJ

Teunisen was called to perform a detail survey of Pergola Avenue in Monroe Township, NJ by the attorney representing General Motors (GM). A single car accident had taken place and a legal case ensued between the individual and GM, involving Morley, Creamer, Tansey Haggerty & Fanning, Attorneys at Law. Teunisen expert surveyors mapped the horizontal and vertical data of the roadway for two thousand feet and provided cross-sections of roadway at ten foot intervals. The engineer for GM was then able to use this crash mapping data to determine the driver of the vehicle was actually traveling too fast for the curved roadway, and the cause of the accident was therefore not due to the manufacturer, General Motors, but the driver.

Multi Car Accident

Multi-car accidents require similar accident site mapping and crash vehicle drawings to those required for one car accidents. However, in these cases, the vehicle or vehicles are scanned and a map of the cars' damage is produced along with various distances of the damage. This information is then forwarded to an engineer for determination of the vehicles' speeds.

Case Study: Lakewood Township, NJ

Teunisen Surveying & Planning was contacted by an attorney representing General Motors to perform an accident site mapping on New Hampshire Avenue in Lakewood Township, NJ. Vehicle No. 2 was proceeding north on New Hampshire Avenue and left the paved surface approximately 180 feet south of Read Street. Vehicle No. 2 sideswiped utility pole Number BT 2264 and skidded sideways approximately 124 feet where it made contact with Vehicle No. 1 which was traveling south on New Hampshire Avenue. Teunisen was contacted to prepare a map of the area. A map was made of the area, along with the cross sections of the roadway extending 50 feet from the edge of pavement. The utility pole was located along with a detail of the area of impact.

Slip and Fall

In the case of a slip and fall survey, the Teunisen accident reconstructionist will conduct research at the County Hall of Records. If the fall occurs on the sidewalk, on or near private property, a determination of the owner of the property needs to ascertained. Also, depending on the circumstances, we will review records in the Road Books for when the road was dedicated or established. A Teunisen accident surveyor creates a detailed survey of the area, including differences in elevation which was the cause of the fall. The data is compiled, and a map of the information is produced. If needed, Teunisen will be an expert witness to outline the procedures and facts of the accident survey.

Case Study: Clark, NJ

Teunisen Surveying & Planning was called to survey a slip and fall accident with State Farm Insurance Companies for a fall on High Street, Clark, NJ. Teunisen's expert accident surveyor determined on which property the fall occurred and then provided an accident mapping and a full report of our findings.

Other Types of Accidents

Teunisen also performs surveying for a wide variety of accidents that are not related to car accidents or slip and fall cases. In one such case, Teunisen was hired to determine if an infant drowning occurred on the leased portion of the property and pinpoint the location of the drowning. Research was performed at the Hall of Records in Paterson, NJ. A field survey was performed locating piping, brook, ditch, drain field and pond. The lease line was cited abd identified that it ran along a brook. However, a portion of the brook was filled-in and realigned, which presented a problem in determining the lease line. Teunisen surveyors were able to reasonably determine the original location of the brook by the trees in the area. A map of our finding and a Survey Report was provided, and our findings determined the drowning occurred on the leased property.

Where Tradition Meets Modern Technology

Combining time tested surveying techniques and the latest in 3-D laser scanning technology, Teunisen ensures high quality, accurate documentation, and drawings and models for court testimony.

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